X-ray sources and source-optics systems

Primux 50 microfocus X-ray source-optics systems

We provide a microfocus X-ray source system equipped with high performance ASTIX X-ray optics for two-dimensional beam shaping.The system is made for upgrades of existing X-ray instruments and it can be applied for customized solutions. Main applications are XRD, SAXS, WAXS and μXRF. Benefits are an intense and symmetric beam of high spectral purity and low power consumption of the X-ray source. The properties of the beam can be matched to customers‘ requirements. For example, high-flux optics with a large convergence angle are designed for single crystal XRD, low-convergence optics with a sharp beam edge are of interest for SAXS, whereas small spot sizes are crucial for μXRF.

Download: micro-focus systems prospectus (pdf)

Primux 50 source with optics and mirror housing

2-dimensionally focussing or collimating ASTIX mirrors

Controller for Primux system

X-ray optics specifications

Beam shaping type

focusing (ASTIX-f), collimating (ASTIX-c), hybride (ASTIX-h)

Kβ suppression


Beam size

30-600 μm (ASTIX-f), 300-2000 μm (ASTIX-c)

Focal length f

100-3000 mm (ASTIX-f)
(from optics center to secondary focus)


UMH type (vacuum possible)


manual or motorized

Beam shaping

crossed-slit screen / pinhole

X-ray source specifications

Anode material

Cr, Co, Cu, Mo, Ag, W
(others on request)

Anode spot size

50 µm


up to 65 kV

Source power

up to 50 W
(others on request)

Housing dimensions

72×79×290 mm³
(without mirror housing)



Cooling requirement

Temperature 15-25 °C

Cooling water flow

~ 1 l/min


< 3 bar


8 kg (incl. mirror housing)

Other features

fully customizable with a large variety of X-ray optics

HV generator specifications

Rack mount

19" 4U device


~13 kg

Voltage input

100-240 V (AC) 50/60 Hz

Max. power output

65 W

Max. voltage

65 kV

Dual source


Safety circuits inputs

external door interlock
Source recognition HV and power are automatically limited depending on tube specification.

Flow sensor



external shutter triggering


Windows, Linux (GUI)