The application of multilayer X-ray optics induced a decisive extension of analytical possibilities in all fields of X-ray analysis. Graded multilayers are used to develop collimating, focussing and monochromatising X-ray optics.

Special one- and two-dimensional beam geometries can be generated by combination of multilayer X-ray optics or by combining multilayer X-ray optics with other types of X-ray optics. Such X-ray optical systems can be applied in X-ray reflectometry and diffractometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis and X-ray tomography, for instance.

Our production program includes single multilayer monochromators, collimating and focusing X-ray optics as well as complex X-ray optical systems like the twin mirror arrangement (TMA), collimating monochromator, beam compressor and Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) geometries. An upgrade kit is available for all common types of X-ray tubes and wavelengths.

The deposition of these multilayer X-ray optics requires extreme precision, reproducibility and long term stability. Sub-nanometer precision has to be guaranteed across macroscopic substrate dimensions. Several deposition technologies can be applied to deposit high precision single and multilayers.

AXO DRESDEN prospectus